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Psychology & Handwriting Analysis: Size



Aristotle spoke of dividing man into three aspects: the mind, the body, and the spirit: "Speech is the expression of ideas or thoughts or desires. Handwriting is the visible form of speech. Just as speech can have inflections of emotions, somewhere in handwriting is an expression of the emotions underlying the writer’s thoughts, ideas, or desires."

Meaning: The size of the writing reveals whether a person is feeling socially extroverted or introverted. It also reveals your capacity for concentration. 

Note: Sometimes your size changes, look at the definitions that describe your mood. 

1. Overly Large Handwriting:

  • This person demands to be seen & heard
  • This writer overdoes (exaggerates) the size in compensation for an inner feeling of smallness and/or unimportance
  • Obsession with attention & will go to great lengths to obtain it
  • Displays obsessive tendencies by writing huge letters (to call attention on himself)

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